Board of Directors

Committed to the Cause


Ethan Curtis

CEO, Chairman

Ethan formed Saving Lynnewood Hall with the vision of preserving one of America's most vulnerable treasures by using it as a tool to educate both young and wise minds alike in the principles of the arts, design, construction, engineering, horticulture, and hospitality.

Ethan has spent his professional career in the construction management sector while engaging his local community by serving on the board various charitable organizations.  The activity of these organizations reflects his core sense of responsibility to better the local region through economic development, professional development and efforts for the common good of the public. These goals, he believes, can be accomplished through education and volunteerism.  


Available Position

Executive Director of Communications
Legal Counsel

Strategic Organizational Planning. 
Public Relations.

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Available Position

Executive Director of Advancement

The Director will coordinate fundraising strategies and is responsible for supporting major fundraising programs. Assists in the development of fundraising goals and soliciting funds. The CFO will also identify new potential donors and organizes initiatives to solicit funding.


Available Position

Director of Planning & Restoration, Lead Architect

Specialize in the preservation and conservation of historic buildings and monuments. Guilded Age emphasis is preferred.