Steps to Save

Making A Difference

Saving this great Estate will take Millions of charitable dollars and hours to bring back to life, but we can do it together.  Our Team has set forth a Phase by Phase plan to bring Lynnewood Hall back to a usable state, safe from the threat of deterioration or demolition.  

Purchase. Repair. Repurpose. Sustainability. Education

Phase I : Let's Make a Deal

One Step at a Time

The Estate was last listed on the market for $11,00,000.00 by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in 2019. As of April 2020, there are no active listings of the Estate as "For Sale."

Saving Lynnewood Hall is actively raising funds to purchase the Estate at fair market valuation. Following the procurement of the estate, SLH will implement important, temporary, measures to stop any water infiltration and unauthorized access to the property. Funds raised beyond the purchase price will fund create working capital and allow for Phase 2 to commence. 

Phase Goal: 15 Million

Phase II : Secure & Study

Helping The Community

+ Secure:

Following the completion of Phase I, our Team will move quickly to provide security to the Estate. In the past, curiosity seekers and "urban explorers" have trespassed onto the property and roamed the halls of the Main House.  Full-time, onsite security, and surveillance technology will be in place to protect the entire Estate grounds from unauthorized entry.

Proposals for restoration of the original perimeter wrought-iron and granite fencing/gates will be presented at this time.  Please know that during this time, the original gates at the main entrances will need to be removed and restored. Nearly all the original fence and granite base are in acceptable condition. Some ornamentation will need to be recreated.  

+ Study:

Phase II will also include a full survey, including a fully digital 3D scan of the Main House as well as Lynnewood Lodge and the Gate House.

The survey will need to identify the current condition of the foundation, structural steel, masonry, electrical systems, pumping systems, roof, gutters, windows, and doors. 

Corrective measures to items deemed insufficient, hazardous, or a threat to the interior (ie. water infiltration) will be prioritized. 

Phase Goal: 8 Million

Phase III : Repair, Replace & Restore

Reinforcing our Commitment

Master Planning a Hospitality, Civic and Event Centre. 

Following the in-depth review of the current conditions, work can begin on the Master Plan for Lynnewood Hall. 

SLH will need to contract some of the countries leading Historic architects and engineers, dealers, archivist, historians to begin the mammoth task of tracking down fixtures and elements, long lost to time, recreating significant items what cannot be found or returned to Lynnewood.

Our Team will work, hand in hand, with historical architects and craftsmen to restore the Main House while simultaneously, transforming Lynnewood Lodge into a hotel and professional retreat & meeting space. 

Once work surrounding the Main House's exterior is complete, activity can turn toward excavation and recreation of the gardens and landscape architecture. Temporary landscaping around Lynnewood Lodge would be updated to period accurate design and variety. 

Phase Goal: 30+ Million

Areas of Focus: 

+ Structural Integrity: Steel Frame and Exterior Stone, Roof & Skylights, Foundation

+ Update Utilities: Electrical & Plumbing, Fire Suppression

+ Mechanical Systems, HVAC

+ Windows & Exterior Weatherproofing

+ Interior Restoration & Recreation

+ Exterior Grounds & Gardens

+ Lynnewood Lodge, Hotel & Meeting Space

+ AAM Certification

+ Endowment, Legacy Partnership

Modern Legacy Unfolding

Reinforcing our Commitment

The ultimate goal of Saving Lynnewood Hall is to repurpose the Estate to give it a civic and cultural duty within the community and region while securing its future and preservation as a National architectural treasure.

+ Main House:

  - House Museum, Performance Hall & Art Gallery

  - Centre for the Study of Historic Architecture and Construction Technologies.

+ Lynnewood Lodge: 

  - Corporate Retreat Centre & Hotel

+ Gate House

  - SLH Office and Operations Centre

+ Lynnewood Gardens

  - Event, Concert, Venue


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